Changes to Knapp & Naczi (2021)

Species Change Specimens
Viburnum plicatum Thunberg Added as established non-native species.
Euthamia floribunda Greene Appropriate name for Euthamia hirtipes based on priority. Longbottom 23780 NY
Euthamia hirtipes (Fernald) Sieren Now placed in synonomy - E. floribunda is the earlier name.
Euthamia weakleyi Nesom Newly described by Nesom (2021b)
Spiranthes bightensis M.C. Pace Newly described by Pace (2021) Longbottom 6897 PH
Spiranthes odorata (Nuttall) Lindley Excluded - based on confusion with S. bightensis

Names being evaluated
Sericocarpus asteroides Britton, Sterns & Pogggenb. Specimen cited changed. Earle 2255 PH
Seriocarpus caespitosus Nesom Newly described by Nesom (2021c) Norton s.n. MARY
Tiarella stolonifera Nesom Newly described by Nesom (2021a)