About Us


Mission: The Maryland Plant Atlas endeavors to provide authoritative distribution maps for all the native and naturalized plants of Maryland based on the best available data; to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the flora to the public; and to promote conservation and research by increasing awareness and appreciation for wild plants.

Contact us

You can contact us at marylandplantatlas@googlegroups.com.

Submitting photos

The best way to share photos is to post them to the Maryland Biodiversity Project Flickr group. Sharing photos there requires a Flickr account (easy) and signing up for the group.

Photo captions are important! At a minimum, captions should include the county and location (park, town, road). If the date isn't automatically captured by your camera (or that date is incorrect), the date is needed as well. Precise coordinates are appreciated as well (Decimal Degrees [DD] preferred), as we track records by USGS quads. Finally, we appreciate any supplementary field notes or expert determinations/verifications.

Suggested citation:

Maryland Plant Atlas Work Group. 2016. Digital Atlas of the Maryland Flora. <MarylandPlantAtlas.org>.