Key Partners and Contributors

The Maryland Plant Atlas Working Group is a partnership between Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), University of Maryland's Norton-Brown Herbarium (NBH), and Maryland Biodiversity Project (MBP). Our partners contribute directly to the overall growth and steering of the project. Our key contributors have provide invaluable data and/or support to the atlas. Thank you!

    Key partners steering the Maryland Plant Atlas

  • Jim Brighton - Maryland Biodiversity Project
  • Chris Frye - Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • John Hall
  • Bill Hubick - Maryland Biodiversity Project
  • Wes Knapp - NatureServe

    Key contributors to the Maryland Plant Atlas (in progress)

  • Lance Biechele
  • Bill Harms
  • Jane Hill
  • Wayne Longbottom
  • Maryland Native Plant Society
  • William McAvoy
  • Rod Simmons
  • Joanne and Robert Solem
  • James L. Stasz
  • Mark Strong - United States National Herbarium, Smithsonian Institution
  • Kerry Wixted